Houston votes down the latest in heteropohic legislation

The new anti-gay protections,  forced upon the people of Houston,  were so out of touch with reality that the Texas State Supreme Court told Houston leadership to either repeal their new law or put it on the ballot.  Leadership chose to do the later, and,  Tuesday,  the folks voted against the proposition by huge margins.

Understand that the Gay/Pedophile lobby no more believes in the democratic process we know as "voting,"  than they believe in the values of a truly free  and representative society.  So,  now that the larger community has voted,  the Gay/Pedophile lobby is working on an idea to boycott the 2017 Super Bowl,  two years from now.

And the fight to be free continues,  even here,  in the United States of America.

Understand this:  there are plenty of protections on the books,  in Texas and throughout the U.S.  But the Gay Lobby sees male/female bathrooms as an insult to their movement.  More than this,  the Lobby will not rest until its sexual practices are the part of a majority behavior.  Too bad,  for them,  that being "gay" goes against our hardwired, heterosexual nature.

For now,  hail to the Houston victory.