Friday 13: The day's most frightening reality (is) . . . Obama's inability or refusal to deal with any reality but his own personal political reality.

Understand that ISIS,  two years ago,  was the JV team.  This morning,  on Good Morning America,  Obama assured his host and the listening nation,  that ISIS had been contained. 


Even before this morning,  how could he make such a criminally inept statement?  The most recent estimate as to the fighting strength of ISIS has this godless enemy sitting with an army of 180,000.  They continue to occupy the territories north of Baghdad, the Southern border of Syria,  Libya,  the Sinai Peninsula,  and have the ability to mount the kind of attack we have witnessed this day,  in Paris. 

158 dead and counting and more than 200 wounded  . . . . . .   and Obama tells us that this evil is contained. 

Understand that it is Obama's policy not to capture the enemy with a view to interrogation.  Nor,  does he have a counter spy program.  Its called "espionage,"  folks and doesn't believe in it.   We do not infiltrate enemy organizations such as the PLO,  Hamas,  the Taliban,  Al Qaeda or ISIS.    Understand that killing a few enemy fighters does not give us much needed intel.  Sacrificing our soldiers for the sake of some misguided and politically correct set of rules of engagement does not give us victory.   Finding out about terrors next move by reading the newspaper,  gives no one confidence.  Telling us,  "ISIS is contained,"  only to be proven   . . . .  "proven" I say  . . . . .   proven wrong a mere seven hours later,  gives us a picture of the worthlessness of this wannbe "renegade" as the Commander in Chief.  No wonder only 15% of the military approve of this clown's leadership.