Still on the rode. Nothing went as planned .

Update:  OMG.  While it is true that I rode the road,  still,  my headline should have read:  "Still on the road."   . . . . .   and I am "still on the road,"  in Seattle this Saturday,  the 24th. 

Did 600 miles today.  Stayed out of trouble.  

When riding cross country,  always reserve a room in advance.  I did.  Bad news   . . .    they got confused somehow and when I pulled into the motel,  no room.  Took me two hours to find a place to stay.

Best Western.  $101 including a full breakfast prepared by a real chef (value:  $23 including tip) which brings the cost down to $78 for the room and $23 for breakfast.

Good news:  I over inflated my tires (motorcycle tires are different from automobile tires).  The bike weighs 1100 pounds with me and my gear on board.  Inflated from 32 /36 front and rear to 38/40.  Mileage improved by 3 miles per gallon !!!

Also,  if you are a biker and have problems with "cupping,"  it is because you are breaking too hard,  coming to a stop.  Trust me on this.  I had the problem.  Some old Harley biker told me the truth.  I changed how I came to a stop and the cupping disappeared.

Anyway,  enough of my free advice.  Love the ride,  but it is hard on this old man.

I will probably publish in earnest early Friday (early means around 3 or 4 am west cost time.  Pictures are coming