Biden floats the prospect of Elizabeth Warren as his VP running mate. Here is the "why" to that possibility.

Weeks ago,  there was speculation that Biden would run and serve only one term as president,  and,  then,  turn the reins over to his running mate,  Elizabeth Warren.  The story lasted a couple of days.   Well,  here it is,  again, in Politico.    A Marxist Media dream or a serious possibility?  Time will tell,  but there probably is good reason why this story does not go away. 

Question:  Does the Left have enough voter support for the final take-over of this once great nation?  Folks living back in the days of Woodrow Wilson thought so, and, the Progressives were crushed in the first election following Wilson's retirement.  FDR supporters thought so,  and,  they got presidential term limits,  Harry Truman,  then Eisenhower (a Republican) in response.   

Will 2016 be a repeat of historical norms or a final move to the Left,  in terms of presidential politics?   Hillary is promising to run her presidency via fiat and executive action,  ignoring the will of the majority altogether  . . .   something she learned from Obama.  Will her promise win the presidency,  again,  for the Marxists among us? 

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