Bon Jovi is willing to go where Pink Floyd dare's not tread . . . and that is good for Israel.

NY Post:  Bon Jovi played Tel Aviv on Saturday — the latest band to flip off Roger Waters and the rest of the odious Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.
For years now, Pink Floyd co-founder Waters has hectored other artists to stop performing in Israel, on the theory that it leaves you standing “shoulder to shoulder” with the biggest bad guy in the Middle East.
Asked about Waters’ whines, Jon Bon Jovi said simply, “It doesn’t interest me. I told my managers to give one simple answer: that I’m coming to Israel, and I’m excited to come.”

Editor's notes:  Full disclosure:  I like  Pink Floyd and Bon Jovi,  but not for their politics.  Still,  it is good to know that some in the entertainment world are coming around to a more conservative world view.  Understand that Bon Jovi is (probably) a voting Democrat,  but Israel needs all the friends it can get.  Hats off to Bon Jovi for speaking out.

And,  Pink Floyd has not produced anything worth listening to since 1994 and their The Division Bell.   No,  I am not forgetting Endless River, their latest album (2014) and first since 1994.  In fact,  according to what I read,  that album is compiled of materials not produced in the 1994 album.  Its kind of a redo. 

Anywho,  I am not arguing for or against either artist.  Just wanted to make the point that the US has not wholly deserted Israel.