1,983 millionaires are leaving California every month.Do we think all those folks from south of the border are going to make up the difference?

California's top 1% pay one half of California's taxes and they are getting tired of the slander coming from our White House and  Obama's  use of class warfare.   As a result,  those Californians who earn an annual income of $500,000 or more are going, going, gone  . . . . . 1,983 millionaires per month are leaving the state or, for some reason, falling off the tax rolls.  

Understand that "trickle down" capitalism (there is no other kind)   provides for upward mobility (financial mobility).  Obama's wealth redistribution, his fantasy utopia, actually works against upward mobility.  Understand that the bottom 20% of families in this country are part of the larger population who pay no income taxes (Federal or state).  This same "20%"  receive benefits that have an annual cash value of $32,700.  Despite this massive wealth redistribution,   the 20% are no more "empowered" as "equals" than is a teenager on an allowance. Ten years from now,  the same families will be on the welfare rolls.  

Statistically speaking,  an industrial skill set and at least two years of college level education are needed before one can even dream of "upward mobility."  You should know that it is not the college degree, per se,  that is the critical issue embedded in the need for higher education.   Heck,  most people find jobs in fields of work that have little to do with their college degree.  But college teaches people to think analytically,  to write responsibly, and,  in the case of vocational schools,  to learn specific skill sets.  

Our youth are woefully ignorant. Lamenting about "what should have been" is no substitute for "how do we fix the problem?" I am hoping our next president will have a realistic solution to this matter, or, at least, some energy for dealing with issue.    It is for certain,  that this half-white imposter in our White House,  has no clue.  

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