Now we know why Trump fired Comey.

Nov 22,2016
FBI Lawyer and FBI employee

Employee: Is it making you rethink your commitment to the Trump administration?

Lawyer:  Hell no.  Viva resistance.

Editor: The above is one of hundreds of in-house communicate,  top floor FBI agents, expressing their resolve/ disappointment in dealing with Trumps victory over Hillary Clinton.

The primary take-away in the above is the realization that the "resistance" was well underway just days after the election and a month and a half before the inauguration.  Progressive Democrats had no intentions of honoring the election and were more than wiling to use 7th Floor FBI agents and employees to impeach Trump,  even before he had been sworn in as our President. 

The Inspector General's report,  released on Thursday,  is as harsh a critique of the FBI as has ever been written.  568 without a break in charges against the FBI for its expressed bias.  While these agents were careful not to place their contempt for the election into the form of official FBI policy,  it is more than clear that FBI bias was everywhere within the leadership of that organization.

Five agents have been referred to the in-house ethic agency as a result of the Inspector General's   report.  It is believed that their names will be unmasked during Congressional hearings,  beginning on Monday of next week. 

Finally,  what is significant with this report,  is the fact that after months and months of GOP/conservative complaints,  their charges of unfairness and blatant bias have been codified by the highest of ranking government inspectors.  And,  the firing of James Comey has been officially defended.

Understand that the notion of a Trump obstruction case has been severally damaged with the release of this report.

Now you know with much more to come.  

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