Here is the difference between what Germany did and what Trump is doing with the children

The detention centers are not even similar to the Gulags of WW II Germany.  The children sent to the Gulags never came back.  They were murdered in the Gulags.  Murdered.  And that was the purpose for the Gulag  . . . .   a holding facility for the expressed purpose of murder.  No one - relatively speaking - survived.  No playgrounds.  No entertainment for the children.  No baths.  No toilet facilities.  It takes a special, low class, individual to insist that the two facilities  (our border holding centers and the Gulag) are in anyway, similar. Such is the worst kind of lie,  and the Dems come up with this kind of crap every election season. 

The Japanese detention: Some of the Classless Left,  forgo the Gulag comparison, and, instead,  push the Japanese detention centers comparison.  Problem.  While the folks in those centers were treated humanely,  they lived in those centers for several years.  The immigrant child lives in a center for only a few days,  in most cases only 20 days (per a 1997 Supreme Court demand).