Trump, a do nothing President? You are a fool to believe that line.

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Trump's military gets things done.  Obama's military was an embarrassment, no fault of the military. 

The included map of Iraq/Syria is a record of the land reclaimed from ISIS under the Trump Administration.  Of all the land recaptured since 2014,  1/3 has been reclaimed in the first six months of Trump.  Big big deal.  In addition to this record pace land grab,  our air force made more bombing runs in four weeks than the Obama force made in four years.  Mosul has been recaptured in six months.  Obama was two years out on recapturing that city.  In short,  Barack was too busy playing his 300 rounds of golf and 500 speeches/personal appearances per year,  to govern.   One of the laziest presidents in our history.  

Trump is single-handedly repairing our federal courts 
Update:  BTW,  what about Gorsuch, a solid conservative appointment to the High Court,  something Obama would not do.  In fact,  Trump is ahead of schedule when it comes to Federal Court appointment.  It took Obama eight years to liberalize a majority of federal appeals courts. At the end of Bush's presidency, 10 of the 13 circuit courts had a majority of judges nominated by Republican presidents. Today, nine of them have a majority of Democratic presidents' nominees.  

Trump is single-handedly mending the economy

He is reducing regulations,  cutting 16 regulations for every new regulation put into effect.  This effort,  alone,  is as important to a growing economy as tax cuts.  The regulator burden placed on Business,  has gotten to the point of being stifling. And it is within Trump's presidential purview,  to control the regulatory process.  To day,  he has canceled out nearly 1000 regulation,  on the path to 2000 by the end of his first year  (Jan 20 of 2018).  Remarkable.

Without help from a do-nothing GOP, Trump is 
bring domestic energy back on line.

The president has taken charge of the nation's energy future.  While Barack muddled through eight years of indecision regarding Keystone and our nation's right to be energy independent,  President Trump has approved Keystone and created opportunity for nearly 100,000 jobs related to clean coal  (45,000 jobs created,  alone,  this year) and our gas industry.  

Trump has single-handedly reversed course at the VA,  with 
much left do  . . . .   but still,  he is hugely successful with his 
VA reforms.   

He has done more than all recent presidents in solving the problems at the VA.  Legislation has been passed to allow our Vets to seek private sector medical attention, and,  has cleaned house within that agency,  firing 500 staff for incompetence,  and giving warning to another  200.  

There are 1.1 million fewer folks on food stamps.  How many millions of dollars is that saving the US ?

Southern border traffic has been reduced by a nominal 60%.  Again,  billions are being saved yet Congress pretends to not have money to fund the wall.  Clearly,  that is a load of crap.

And those ObamaCare fines?   "The U.S. Internal Revenue Service will no longer require tax filers to indicate whether they had health coverage or paid a penalty set under Obama Care"  (see the Insurance Journal,  here).  

Final Word

ObamaCare repeal and replace and tax reform?    That is all on the GOP and the feckless leadership of that political party.  Clearly,  Trump has few friends within the GOP.  What GOP leadership does not know,  is this:  the Trump base does not belong to the GOP.  Leadership has no friends within the Trump Collective,  me and this blog included. 

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