Ever heard of the "The Trace?" . . . . . . didn't think so.

Miles Kohrman / The Trace:
Right-Wing Militias Are Now Actively Supporting Some State and Local Pro-Trump Politicians

You have a few para-military groups on the Right.  None have ever killed a cop or stormed a convention centered or got in a politician's face,  threatening violence.  None have ever burned down a metro-business center or raped women during their "demonstrations." 

The Left has thousands of violent followers.  They call themselves KAOS,  The New Black Panthers,  The Muslim Brotherhood,  Black Lives Matters,  the Al Sharpton Mob,  CAIR,  OCCUPY, affiliates of GREEN PEACE, 

Never forget,  it is the Left that is committed to violence and murder in order to bring about the changes they demand,  not the Right   . . . . .   period  ~  editor.