Eric Bolling may be gone for good, at Fox News. Update: No lewd pictures found, as of today.

Jacqueline Thomsen / The Hill:
Woman comes forward as Bolling sexual harassment victim  —  One woman has come forward as a victim of sexual harassment by Fox News host Eric Bolling, hours after he was suspended over claims he sent lewd photos of male genitalia to female co-workers.  —  Caroline Heldman … 
Don Imus of Imus in the Morning, fame,  has voiced the opinion that Bolling was dumber than a bag of rocks or words to that effect.  I agree.  Never cared for the guy.  
Look,  sending pictures of male genitalia to women,  is so wrong,  that you really must be dumber than a bag of rocks to do such a thing.  
'Nuff said.