Anyone think Trump is a do-nothing President? Maybe you should pull your head out, and, read the following:

While Congress takes a 5 week vacation from its exhausting effort at getting next to nothing done,  Trump is taking a 17 day working vacation that will,  again,  prove his work ethic and embarrass Congress in its anti-Trump determination.  

Just to be clear,  nothing is going to stop the Trump train from getting things done,  re-election demands or not.  

His military has embarrassed the Obama Administration as it helped re-capture Mosul in six months,  a full year earlier than previous predictions.  He has single-handedly restructured the Geo political circumstance in the Middle East.  He has cleaned up the VA,  allowing outside medical attention for our veterans after decades of talk talk talk,  and,  fired over 500 staffers at the VA for incompetents.  He has reversed over 1000 regulations and is taking down 16 regulations for every new regulation put into effect.  Understand that even without a do nothing Congress,  he can reverse a number of critical issues relating to the failed ObamaCare insurance bait and switch scheme,  including preventing the IRS from enforcing the individual and employer mandates,  ordering that militant organization from collecting related fines.  In fact,  I believe he has already issued an Executive Order in that regard.  

In the first month of his administration,  his military had been on more bombing runs than all of the Obama years  . . . .  four months compared to 8 years of blather.  

He has created more than 45,000 clean coal mining jobs, approved Keystone,  and,  has received foreign commitments for more than 400 billion dollars of investment within the United States.  He is rewriting NAFTA to make it U.S.A.  friendly   Our U6 employment rate is the lowest in 16 years (8.6%) and the highest consumer confidence index is at near record highs.   

While the Dems are lost in fantasy impeachment land,  the GOP is on the verge of losing its massive edge over the Democrats as it continues to put up road blocks to his agenda.  His 63 million supporters are the key to GOP victory in the near future.  When they leave,  the GOP is dead.  

The Fascist Media is already dead.