What is wrong with the following three headlined stories? Simple, they . . . . . .

Mike Allen / Axios: Exclusive: Trump ponders Rudy Giuliani for attorney general  —  

Washington Post: Trump leaves Sessions twisting in the wind while berating him publicly 

 John King / CNN: A chill emanating from the White House reaches State Department

 Editor's notes: What is wrong with the above three headlined stories?  Simple,  all have been created by enemies of the Middle Class and the Trump Administration.  All three stories (above) come from an enormous collective dedicated to the overthrow of a duly elected President.    Axios, the Wa/Post and CNN are dedicated anarchist organizations and embrace as Leftist points of view as we have had to deal with in our history.  That being said,  there is no reason to believe their daily and published crap.  

How many lies have these propaganda centers published over the past two years?   Literally hundreds if not thousands.  As and editor,  I have to make decisions as to what headlines I will post and comment on.  I would say,  the number of headlines I choose to ignore,  averages 12   . . . . . .   that's 12 rather ignorant or false headlines per day  . . . . . .   (certainly) since the Inauguration.  Since the Inauguration,  the math would take us to 1980 stories that are nothing but propaganda and lies.  Add to this, the 225 "Fake News stories" documented on this blog.  and, you have a Left Wing strategy of lies and misinformation that boggles the mind.  

Take the departure of Sean Spicer, for example,  and,  the Marxist misinformation campaign,  that asserted that he was forced out of the Administration.  Spicer made it clear that his departure was his idea,  that Trump did not want him to leave.  Couple his explanation with the fact that Sean's departure and the Marxist nonsense surrounding that event,  completely dropped off the face of the earth after his televised explanation.   It is gone  as a daily news item  . . . . .    nowhere to be found.   But,  before the storyline failed,  20/30 stories, filled with lies and make believe scenarios,  were published.

The point of this post?  To remind you, the conservative reader, that the Left Wing no longer owns an objective news force.  Its all political.  It is all Globalist.  It is all Wealth Redistribution,  and it is these things BEFORE it is about the particulars of their newest or current campaigns.  Never forget this and stop believing their published and confirmed propaganda.  Just stop.