They do not know why they have lost . . . . . kind of funny when you stop to think about it.

Slut Watch, Dyke March,  Gay Pride parade with its assorted acts of filth in the streets,   BLM chanting "Death to Cops, Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam,  Jeremiah Wright's own brand of anti-American crap, CAIR in our White House under Obama  - - -  an organization red flagged by the FBI for terror support prior to Barack's tyranny as a president,  members of the Muslim Brotherhood sitting at the tablewith Obama,  the dangerous and moronic Al Sharpton as one of Barack's right hand men.  They were caught selling unborn baby parts. They lied their ass off in cramming ObamaCare down our throats.  They sold guns to the Mexican cartel and two border patrol men were murdered with those guns.  They deserted the men fighting in Benghazi, Barack going to bed 7 hours before two of the Benghazi men were finally killed - never knowing that their chicken shit commander had written them off for the sake of winning an election.  Their supporters burn our cities and kill our cops   . . . . . . 
and the Dems don't know why they lost 1,200 legislative seats Federally and locally, 12 governorships, the House,  the Senate, and the Presidency!  They have no clue !!!  None.  

Today, they are talking about conducting classes on how to attract the working middle class back to their party.  Classes.  'Cause they do not have a clue.