Nothing has changed since November 8, 2016. In case you have forgotten, here we have the 2016 Election Forecast: In a word, it was to be "Hillary in a landslide" . . . . . . .and this was a "scientific" conclusion. So much for science.

More bad news for Trump, these latest electoral college map polls, 2016 Presidential Election Forecast Maps. See, the race isn’t won nationally, but state by state, the electoral college, so general election polls, while meaningful snapshots, don’t mean as much as how a candidate is doing on the state level.
Here we have 9 such maps. Which ones are Trump winning? That’s right; none of them.
NPR General Election Ratings
Louis Jacobson/Governing 2016 Electoral Map
Does any of this mean Hillary Clinton is going to win? No, of course not. It’s too early to tell. There’s 2 months to go and change; anything can happen. But don’t kid yourself, Trump is doing execrably right now, and if he can’t get a message across to the American voters specifically why they should vote for him, not just how rotten “Crooked Hillary” is (sheesh, is this crap not getting old, yet?) and why they shouldn’t vote for her, he’s screwed, blued, and tattooed.