Jeff Blake, the other GOP Globalist Senator from Arizonia is not part of the Patriot Nation, either.

Editor's notes:  Jeff Flake believes his job as a GOP Senator from Arizona is to ride herd on our President.  He is a NeverTrumper as is his Senate soulmate,  John McCain.  Never mind the 64 million folks who voted for this President.  They do not count in the minds of these men. We don't count, and,  Flake is not just complicit in this,  he is a driving force in dividing the GOP and moving it away from its conservative roots.  Flake and his Comrades  are responsible for driving this nation into the global arms of the opposition,  plain and simple.  He should think about the answer to this question:  What happens,  when those 63 million decide to walk away from politics?  The Dems will win, of course,  but if Flake is successful,  the Dems have already won.  

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) on Sunday said that Republican leaders who do not call out President Trump are complicit. 
“I do think so,” Flake told CBS’s “Face the Nation” when asked if GOP leaders are complicit if they fail to call out Trump.

Flake said elected officials must hold each other responsible, whether it’s in the White House or in Congress.
“There are truths that are self-evident. And you’ve got to stand up and call, whether it’s the White House or other elected officials, to task when they’re not doing what they should,” he said.

Source:  The Hill,  here.