It is looking good for an Obama healthcare reform bill as a first step.

Understand that ObamaCare is going down.  Not because of the GOP,  but because the D.C. Stalinists could not write a financial law that made any fiscal sense.  Kind of tough to do when you are opposed to "profit" and have no concept as to the impact of a growing national debt.   With ObamaCare,  millions of Americans are paying high monthly premiums ($1500 to $2100 per month for any number of family plans) while receiving no coverage because their 6,000 - 8,000 dollar deductibles are higher than their annual medical expenses  . . . . . .   just as planned by the Obama Administration.  You might call that "coverage,"  I call it a bait and switch insurance scam.  Again,  because of high ObamaCare prescribed deductibles,  millions of Americans are paying for nothing;  effectively they have no insurance.  

The Skinny Repeal Plan
At any rate,  in the Senate,  it is looking good for passage of the smallest of amendments to ObamaCare.  They are calling it "the skinning repeal," and it is limited to a repeal of the healthcare devise tax and an end to both the individual mandate and the employer mandate.  

Frankly,  I do not see how any universal health care plan continues  without a forced mandate.  Without the mandate to purchase healthcare insurance,  millions will decide to forego insurance until they actually get sick. 

The bad thing about this GOP repeal plan,  is found in the fact that ObamaCare remains in force and in its current "death spiral" state.   The good thing is that we,  the people,  have a choice and will no longer be fined for deciding not to participate.    

A return to acceptable profit margins for businesses,
and,  the 40 hour work week for employees.
More than this,  small businesses will benefit as well.  They will no longer be forced to offer ObamaCare to their employees.   This will open up hiring,  once again,  and provide a real-time stimulus to our economy.  Understand that under Obama, and,  for the last two years of his tyranny, more small businesses went broke than were created.  That scenario was never an issue before Obama.  That more small businesses closed than were created is the direct result of the employer mandate.  Again,  if the "skinny repeal," passes trough Congress,  that problem will be solved.  

Additionally,  employers will no longer have the need to limit an employees working hours.  Without the employer mandate,  our nation's businesses will have no need to limit hours to avoid being forced into offering ObamaCare.  We,  as a nation,  can return to a 40 hour work week. 

When you stop to think about it,  this "skinny repeal" is a very important step to putting the nation back on its feet  . . . .  a critical first step,  in fact.  

When will this happen?
We should know by the end of the week.  The Senate voted to open the floor for debate,  two days ago.  Debate ends after 20 hours of actual floor discussion.  A final vote is, then,  required,   and,  win, lose or draw,  that is the end of the matter,  at least for the near future.