Here is an AOL headline and story that was never confirmed but is making headlines, again, two months after the WSJ abandoned the story.

Republican donor kills himself after talking about working with Russian hackers to get Hillary Clinton's emails

Notes:  Steve Smith,  the 81 year old GOP operative and subject of the above article,  died (suicide) 10 days after being interviewed by the WSJ.  He confirmed that he was trying to dig up dirt on Hillary and had found some 30,000 emails via two Russian contacts.  General Flynn was to be one of his contacts with the campaign.  But Smith denied meeting Flynn nor did he claim that Flynn was involved  (as if opposition research was/is suddenly wrong).  In fact,  his death precluded any serious possibility of confirming his story.  BTW,  those 30,000 emails and related documents were never found.  In fact,  nothing in this story was ever confirmed by the WSJ,  and, the story was eventually dropped. 

 It is headline news again, on AOL,  today (July 14),  because the Dems are running out of ammunition as they pursue this ridiculous claim that Trump was a Russian spy/operative. 

Now you know. 


See the AOL article,  here.