Fake News story (as in pure slander #228: Dad is a secreat spy and Don Jr is part of the Mexican Drug Cartel.

Grant Stern / The Stern Facts:
Trump Jr. Now Tied to Mexican Drug Cartel's Money Laundering Bankers  

I just finished reviewing this "article."  The moron who wrote this piece,  is a Democrat operative,  part of the propaganda cabal organized by the Socialist Democrats in their efforts to refuse the current Federal Government.

I am not a government guy,  but neither have I ever supported a takedown of our government by any means other than the ballot box.  Nor do I make up crap for the sake of winning the debate.  Virtually everything I write that is controversial to a Radicalized Lib is taken from or confirmed in their Liberal Media.  Kind of makes it hard to debate my points when I use their own Media  (maybe other Citizen Journalists should use the same tactics) to win the debate,  no? 

At any rate,  this story is a headline on the very Left Wing "Memeorandum" because,  and only because,  it spews the same type of nonsense typical to the past two years of Stalinist Media propaganda. 

It wasn't dumb enough to charge Trump Sr as being a spy for the Russians;   now,  they are "exposing" Don Jr as a Mexican Cartel Drug Lord.  

The Russian collusion storyline has turned out to be a joke.  Guaranteed,  this Don Jr storyline will not be picked up by any serious Left (out) Media.  They are already embarrassed enough with their current fairytales,  to wonder off into this cartel nonsense.  

Just wanted you to know the limits of their slanderous rhetorical nonsense.  And,  now you know.