Fake News story #228 Tillerson is finished. Not true according to a smiling Tillerson

Fake News story #228:  Tillerson is finished.  

Not true according to a smiling Tillerson.

The Stalinist media is all about wedge issues and civil unrest.  That is their job,  apparently.  Good thing we have an effective and capable alternative media.  

Wednesday,  as Secretary Tillerson was entering the West Wing,  he was asked about his exit from the Trump Administration.  "How much longer do you intend to serve,"  was the question.  The Secretary stopped,  turned,  and with a smile and a shrug,  said,  "As long as the President wants me to serve." 

So much for crack reporting   . . . . . .   and "crack" seems to be the word for the day.  These clowns have been on drugs since the day Trump announced,  first laughing at the thought of his presidency,  then crying,  and,  now,  working to overthrow our duly elected government.  Go to hell,  I say,  and never,  ever forget.