Fake News story # 227: 22 million folks will be kicked off their insurance plan if the GOP wins this debate.

CBO's Secret: 73% Of Coverage Difference Between Obamacare & GOP Bills Driven By Individual Mandate.

And what is the significance of this fact?  Specifically,  it means that 73% of current ObamaCare policy holders would voluntarily leave the program.  Emphasis on "voluntarily."   In other words,  the notion that 22 million folks would be "kicked off ObamaCare" with the new GOP plan,  is a lie.  

When you have a family of four,  paying $1,700 a month (!) for a plan that requires them to spend $6,000 in a 12 month period before the policy kicks in and helps,  is not coverage,  it is a scam.  

ObamaCare is (still) not universal coverage.  30 million folks still do not have insurance  . . . .   and they will all be treated in our E.R. facilities.  More people have opted to pay the fine than have joined as individuals.                                                                  _______________

You will want to read the Forbes article,  here,  for the rest of the story.