Three hours after Trump's travel ban was upheld by the High Court, still no such headlines on Leftist news portals.

Three hours after Trump's travel ban was upheld by the High Court,  still no such headlines on Leftist news portals.  The Court ruled 9-0 in allowing the "ban" to continue within 72 hours from today.  In October,  the Court will hear detailed arguments for and against the ban.    And,  by the time they hear the formal arguments,  the 90 day ban will be over.  

Memeorandum is the Left Wing news portal I use  . . . .  not a word about the High Court's decision.    I posted this "cut and paste"  to illustrate the fact that the Left has no clue what to do next.  As you scroll down,  make note of the fact that headlines about the High Court's decision are profoundly missing.    

In the end,  the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts and their activist decisions,  were slapped down by unanimous measure, proving that the Left never had a case against Trump's "ban."     This decision is as much an insult to the Left and it's activist court system,  as it is a defense of the Trump Pause. 


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Ron Johnson / New York Times:
Where the Senate Health Care Bill Fails  —  Speaking at a rally for his wife's presidential campaign last year, Bill Clinton called Obamacare “the craziest thing in the world.”  As he put it, “The people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”
Elana Schor / Politico:
Why Dems can't break through on Obamacare repeal  —  Even before Senate Republicans released their Obamacare repeal plan last week, a call went out from liberal activists: Head to the airport and greet departing senators with a furious protest.  —  About five dozen demonstrators showed …
Jonathan Cohn / HuffPost:
Kellyanne Conway Defends Medicaid Cuts, Says Adults Can Always Find Jobs  —  Reality check: Most of them have jobs already.  —  White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Sunday came right out and said what so many Republicans are probably thinking that taking Medicaid away from able-bodied adults …
Sarah Kliff / Vox:
Privately, health plan worries Senate bill would “cause most small employers' premiums to go up”  —  A large health plan is privately expressing concern that a little-noticed provision in the Senate health bill could drive up premiums for small business health plans.  —  Sign up for VoxCare
Sarah Kliff / Vox:20 minutes ago
The cruel reality of high-speed health care legislating  —  Four days ago, Senate Republicans got their first glimpse at their leadership's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.  —  Three days from now, Senate Republicans are expected to vote on that plan.
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David Lat / Above the Law:
No, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy Is Not Retiring Tomorrow  —  Based on this weekend's reunion of his law clerks, reports of AMK's retirement are greatly exaggerated.  —  [Please note the UPDATES I have added, and will continue to add, at the end of this story.]
Michael Kranish / Washington Post:
Kushner firm's $285 million Deutsche Bank loan came just before Election Day  —  One month before Election Day, Jared Kushner's real estate company finalized a $285 million loan as part of a refinancing package for its property near Times Square in Manhattan.  —  The loan came at a critical moment.
Jon Passantino / BuzzFeed:
CNN Is Imposing Strict New Rules On Its Russia Coverage  —  The decision came after the network deleted and retracted a post on Friday.  —  CNN is imposing strict new publishing restrictions for online articles involving Russia after the network deleted a story and then issued a retraction late Friday …
Matthew Boyle / Breitbart:10 minutes ago
Very Fake News Scandal Consumes CNN as Jeff Zucker, Network Flack Refuse to Comment on Russia Retraction to Own Network  —  The scandal surrounding CNN's mishandling of a very fake news hit piece on President Donald Trump and his associates grows bigger on Sunday night as the network's president Jeff Zucker …
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Maggie Haberman / New York Times:
Trump's Deflections and Denials on Russia Frustrate Even His Allies  —  In the span of 72 hours, President Trump described the email hacking that roiled the 2016 campaign as a Democratic “hoax” and as clear aggression by Russia that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, failed to address.
Max Ehrenfreund / Washington Post:20 minutes ago
A ‘very credible’ new study on Seattle's $15 minimum wage has bad news for liberals  —  When Seattle officials voted three years ago to incrementally boost the city's minimum wage up to $15 an hour, they'd hoped to improve the lives of low-income workers.  Yet according to a major new study …
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Jeffrey Toobin / New Yorker:
The National Enquirer's Fervor for Trump  —  The tabloid is defined by its predatory spirit.  Why has it embraced the President with such sycophantic zeal?  —  Every Wednesday afternoon, in a windowless conference room in an office building at the tip of lower Manhattan …
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Frank Rich / New York Magazine:
Frank Rich: Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency Ends  —  “Let others wallow in Watergate, we are going to do our job,” said Richard Nixon with typical unearned self-righteousness in July 1973.  By then, more than a year had passed since a slapstick posse of five had been caught in a bungled burglary …
Louis Nelson / Politico:
Ivanka Trump: ‘I try to stay out of politics’  —  Ivanka Trump may keep an office in the White House and hold an official position within her father's administration, but when it comes to politics, the first daughter said in an interview that aired Monday that she tries to stay out of President Donald Trump's way.
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Byron York / Washington Examiner:
On Russia, a senator's deception and a timeline of Trump frustration  —  Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley's accusation that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer lied about President Trump and the Russia investigation — that Schumer said the president was under investigation after he, Schumer …
Dylan Scott / Vox:
The Senate health care bill's biggest fan makes the case for it  —  “I'm an advocate of market-based universal coverage.”  —  This week, Senate Republicans could pass a health care bill that leading conservative health care expert Avik Roy would consider “the greatest policy achievement by a GOP Congress in my lifetime.”
Discussion: Washington Post and Balloon Juice
Numbers / Pew Research Center:
Support for Same-Sex Marriage Grows, Even Among Groups That Had Been Skeptical  —  For first time, as many Republicans favor as oppose gay marriage  —  Two years after the Supreme Court decision that required states to recognize same-sex marriages nationwide, support for allowing gays …
Discussion: Political Wire
New York Times:
Where Trump Zigs, Tillerson Zags, Putting Him at Odds With White House  —  WASHINGTON — When Rex W. Tillerson, the former chief executive of Exxon Mobil, arrived in Washington five months ago to become the secretary of state, his boosters said he brought two valuable assets to a job …
Mike Allen / Axios:
Scoop: Trump group gives Heller a 2nd chance on health bill  —  Many Republicans wondered this weekend if it made sense for America First Policies, the outside group backing President Trump, to run attack ads against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) for wavering on healthcare, when his vote is desperately needed.
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Sarah Kliff / Vox:NEW!
This chart shows the stunning trade-off at the heart of the GOP health plan  —  The Republican repeal bills in the House and Senate both include multi-billion-dollar tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and deep health benefit cuts for the poorest Americans.  —  Sign up for VoxCare
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