Maybe this is why Bloomberg says, "55% chance Trump wins in 2020."

NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls:
• Trump’s positive rating: 38%
• Those preferring a GOP-controlled Congress: 42%
• Those who believe Trump’s problems are due to the DC establishment: 42%
• Those who believe the economy has improved and Trump deserves credit for it: 38%
• Those who think Obamacare is a bad idea: 38%
• And those who believe the efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare should continue: 38%
 The single largest voting block in this country,  and,  it is as stable as any seen in modern history, is the Trump Nation.  We understand the man,  his sense of humor,  his penchant for saying things that irritate the enemy, the fact that  - as an international businessman -  he has ties to most nations in this world,  the reality that "business" that is truly international,  succeeds in this rough and tumble world as it dances near the edge of what is legal,  without falling into abyss.  

Look at his rally's  They are a blast,  filled with light hearted ridicule of the media and his political enemies. More than the fun we are all having,  these rally's are living documents of what he is getting accomplished.  Every rally has a long list of what is happening that the previous rally.  

Most importantly,  he has not abandoned his voting block.  While Obama lied his skinny ass off to get into office and told the working half of nation to go to hell,  Trump is just the opposite.  Turns out,  he is the most transparent president in our collective memory.    I mean,  just this past week,  Obama took all of Susan's Rice's emails and documents,  and put them in his library  -  preventing investigators from viewing those files for 5 stinking years.  Nothing but a bunch of crooks  . . . .   and all of them made a killing,  financially,  off of the "common man" they despise and laugh at.   

And Trump?  He gets up before the rest of the nation,  and tells us all what is on his mind  -  every morning he starts OUR day.   What a refreshing change of pace.