I don't care about the feelings of Mika and Joe. Here is why.

Update:  When was the last time you saw 3,4, 10 nude pictures of Mika or implied that she was a cheap whore?  How many times have Mika and Joe slandered President Trump's intelligence, his mannerisms or the size of his hands?  Get the point?  And if you argue that the "Presidency" is an office that is borne of class and respect,  try to remember when Bill Clinton took time out to tell folks what kind of underwear he wore.  "Class" was lost the moment that womanizing Democrat baffoon  took office.  

I don't care about the feelings of Mika and Joe.  Here is why. 

These two clowns have insulted President Trump, his wife,  all of his children,  the wives of his boys, his young son,  his businesses,  his friends.

I don't care that Trump "is not perfect."  He is a street fighter and that fact is the only reason he has not become a Nixon type victim at the hands of a maniacal media.  

Now you know.