Fake News story #214: Twitter and the 1st Amerndment as defined by those who actually do not believe in the 1st Amerndment

(AOL) :  Trump's blocking of Twitter users violates U.S. Constitution: rights institute

Understand this:  The Dems do not believe in "free speech" except as they define "free and accurate" speech.  Secondly,  the first amendment only applies to political speech.  That is why your boss can order certain topics "off limits,"  because they are not presented in a political setting but, rather,  in the work place.  School districts tell their teachers what is permissible speech all the time.  Trump has the right to make his twitter statements free of opposing "tweets."  If not,  his twitter account would be overwhelmed and, hence,  useless.  Obviously,  Trump's enemies can tweet their objections on their on accounts.  No faux objection can be made because the opposition is free to say whatever they choose,  just not on his twitter account.