Another meaningless cBS poll has been released.

According to the latest CBS News survey, Trump's approval rating has once again hit a new low.

The new poll shows just 36 percent of those Americans now approve of the job the president is doing while 57 percent say they disapprove   . . . . .  or so goes AOL reporting.  

Look,  if this poll had anything to do with reality,  it would reflect reality.  Think about it:  If the total vote in the next election is 130 million,   the approximate size of the 2016 election,  this poll is would be predicting only 44 million Americans voting for Donald Trump,  down form the real number of 63 million back in 2016   . . . .   an utterly ridiculous fantasy.  

I do not believe that Trump has lost 20 million votes in the 7 months since his election.  During a time in which the Dems poured millions into each and every Special Election,  they were not able to win even one of those elections   . . . . .  zero for four,  and in the last such election,  Dems spent an all-time record amount, but,  still lost,  and, by a substantial margin.  

On Wednesday evening, in Sioux City,  Iowa,  Trump spoke to a full house, literally  . . . .  standing room only in a 6,000 seat stadium.  Following the Handel win in Georgia,  her mention of thanks offered to President Trump brought down the house.  Understand that Trump won the 6th District in 2016 by 1.5 points. On Tuesday,  the GOP margin of victory was 4 points, a marked increase in the demonstrable popularity of the President. 

Nate Silvers of 5-38 fame,  told us that if Trump/Handel were the winners in the 6th District election,  the takeaway conclusion would include the death of modern day polling and its associated data interpretations  (or words to that affect).  

At any rate,  the Dems have no reason to believe their election reality has improved.  Yet,  they continue with their collective nonsense (Trump is a Russian agent) and do-nothing politics.