The [commun-ist] Reshaping of America: Part I

Our Rendezvous With Authoritarianism Has Arrived

Comey’s firing should be a frightful awakening from complacency. If Trump gets away with it, he will read it as permission to run amok.

 Editor's Rebuttal:  If the Dems were serious about fighting against "authoritarianism,"  they would have objected to Barack Obama's five year assault against Congress and his decision to use his pen and phone to circumvent the legislative process.   Logically,  this is the end of the discussion.  Hypocrisy is the end of all reason discussion,  and the Democrat Party,  at this moment in history proves the point.  A perfect example is the headline under discussion.  


The New Republic is an ultra Left,  European Socialist publication that offers no platform for disagreement (no 'comment' line).  Their article, here.  

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