Are there any numbers favoring Donald Trump's presidency? Hell yess !!!

We have the fact that 96% of the 64 million folks voting for Trump last November would vote for him again.  That's 61.4 million folks.  

How about the ABC/WaPost poll that found that Trump would beat Hillary IN THE POPULAR vote by 3 points (he lost that vote by 2 points --- a 5 point swing since becoming President). Figure that percentage to actual numbering at around 5 million additional votes (three million to tie and 2 million for a 3% win).

Consider the fact that Democrats took only 227 electoral votes when,  at one time,  they were on track to score 340 electoral votes.  

Lets not forget that all major polling firms had Hillary winning the election, on November 5.  So much for "scientific" polling.  

Keep in mind that as many a 40% of those called in any of these survey's hang up and refuse to be poll.  If 25% of these hang-ups (a likely guess),   Add their numbers to the 62 million currently supporting the Prez and he just won the popular vote !! 

You should, also,  know that many of the major polls survey 28% MORE folks as Democrats than as Republicans or Independents,  and all major polls weight their conclusions in favor of the Democrat Party by at least 8 to10 points.  

Let's not forget that the Dems are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to win Middle America.