Since leaving the San Fran 49's, Kaepernick has not received a single serious inquiry for his services . . . . . and apparently he does not like it.

The sports media has spent most of the offseason wondering why Colin Kaepernick hasn’t yet signed with a team. Well, according to a couple prominent sports writers, the answer is simple: no NFL team has called him.

See Breitbart for the full article.


Editor's notes:  If its not his hair, maybe its about his raised clinched fist, or his expressed hatred for the American flag as a "symbol of White Slave Power," or his willingness to accept the benefits of this Great Country without a thought about how those benefits come his way.  Maybe it has to do with his defense of the cop killing Black power movement and organizations such as BLM.  

Me?  I think he is a jerk, a man wanting to be authentic as a [half] black man,  in concert with his president,  Barack Obama.   

I wonder why all the cop killing,  life threatening political groups are in the Dimocrat Party?