Rasmussen Reports shows an upward trend for President Trump.

Because Trump voters are often unwilling to be surveyed, many in the national polling community believe that you can add 5 points to any survey for a more accurate polling result,  when it comes to Donald Trump.  Makes sense.  This would explain the epic failure of our national polls,  in predicting the 2016 elections.  

Understand that Hillary led in more polls,  during the campaign season,  than did Barack Obama.  Yet,  she lost that election,  and,  lost the popular vote outside of the State of California.  

On May the 8th,  Trump was sitting on a 45% approval rating, per Rasmussen.  Today,  immediately after the Comey firing,  his numbers rose to 47%.  And national polls have him winning against Hillary by 3% of the popular vote,  if the election was held today.  

In other words,  folks understand that this assault versus Trump is feckless and totally without merit except as a tool for the enemy forces living within our country,  and,  embedded within our federal government.