Fake News story #206: Trump intends to violate our civil rights with intent and malice?

Now,  the Wa/Post wants to carry the theme that the Right is not concerned with "civil liberties."  Just more crap from the Left.  You do know that they have not had a reasonable idea since Trump was elected.  This headline is no exception.  It is our Fake News story #206. 

Juliet Eilperin / Washington Post: Trump administration plans to minimize civil rights efforts in agencies

Stop and think about it.  With Democrats,  "Civil rights concerns" have been used to violate federal law for decades.  Take sanctuary cities, for example;  the Progressives in Congress have used "fairness" and a manufactured code of "civil rights principles" as cover for violating federal law as to immigration.  Add to this their work to release convicted non-violent drug offenders using the same strategies,  and you have a bastardization of "fairness"   in the name of civil rights concerns. 

There should be no argument.  No one argues that the "illegal population" is in violation of federal law.  With that in mind,  one would think enforcement of federal immigration laws would be a no brainer   . . . . .   but not to the political party that has no respect for law and order.  

All Trump is saying is this:  "We are going to press law and order.  Phony concerns [emphasis on "phony"]  for civil rights will not play a roll in our determination to get this country back on the right track."  

Nothing wrong with that.  

Hail to the Chief !!!