You won't believe how Trump compares to either of the two political parties:

ABC News just released their ABC/WaPost poll,  showing that Trump would beat Hillary in a second election   . . . . .  this,  after the Major Marxist Media has spent millions in a concerted effort to undermine Trump's presidency. 

96% of those who voted for Trump are happy with their vote.  Where Hillary won the popular vote due to California, today,  the President would take the popular vote by a 43/40 percent margin.  His popularity within the GOP had fallen to a 79-80 percent margin.  It is now at a healthy 81% and rising 

Gallup has Trump's popularity increasing by 4% in two weeks;  Rasmussen gives him a 5% increase since April 10.

In terms of comparisons,  Donald Trump led all contenders when asked,  "Which entity is more in touch with the American people."  It was determined that Trump was "more in touch" with the folks.  The stats read as follows: 

38% Trump

32% GOP

28% Democrats.   

Given the fact that the Dems and their media outlets have waged an open assault against the Conservative political point of view, all of the above is rather surprising   . . . . .  and very good news for the patriotic nation.