Trump: "Healthcare first, then tax eform."

Madeline Conway / Politico:
Trump: I want to pass health care before doing tax reform  —  President Donald Trump still wants to pass a health care bill before he turns to tax reform.  —  “We're going to have a phenomenal tax reform, but I have to do health care first,” Trump said, according to an excerpt of an interview … 
Notes:  Turns out that the folks in D.C. have come to realize that healthcare reform must come first,  or,  the effort at tax reform will not include or meet the expectations of the conservative middle class.   Understand that more than a billion dollars in ObamaCare related taxes are part of the reform package.  Get that done,  and, our politicians have a shot at coming up with a significant tax reform bill.  Without that 1 billion dollar head start,  tax reform  as promise during the campaign,  cannot happen.  

Isn't it funny how the GOP is worrying about campaign promises when  the Dems didn't give a care for eight stinking years?!