So, Trump is a stooge for Putin? Seriously? Sau it isn't so, Joe.

Carol Morello / Washington Post:
Trump officials tell Russia to drop its support for Syria's Assad  —  Officials in the Trump administration on Sunday demanded Russia stop supporting the Syrian government or face a further deterioration in its relations with the United States.  —  Signaling the focus of talks Secretary … 
Notes:  The radicals on the Left,  and they are legion,  have moved away from the microphone and their idiotic claim that Trump is a secret agent of Putin for good reason.  Besides the fact that the notion was a fantasy piece of imagined propaganda,  it is, now,  demonstrably false.  I write "demonstrably" because of the Syrian strike,  and it's in-your-face challenge to the Russian/Syrian alliance,  U.N. Ambassador Haley's harsh and ongoing rhetorical attacks versus Russia's support of Assad,  and,  today,  the news embedded in the above headline.  
Will the Dems continue their nonsense,  or join the human race in moving true democracy forward?  I think we already know the answer.  Fortunately for the conservative cause,  the Radical Left actually believes their fantasy conspiracy is working.  
Prediction:  Before the summer,  this "news story" will be only a hallow reminder of the desperation felt by the Dems as they stand on the edge of extinction.  Of course,  the Democrat Party,  will never disappear from the domestic political scene,  but can it move back into dominance in the face of the Patriotic Movement -- Trumpism,  the Tea Party,  Congressional Conservatism,  the established and growing Conservative Media, and a stable but slightly conservative Supreme Court and its federal appellate court system?     

Understand this,  the Dems have steadily lost power during the Obama era,  despite the fact that they manage a victory here,  and a change in public opinion there.  In the end,  the deeper and more emotional tie to what this nation has always stood for,  seems to be the prevailing reality.  

The refusal of the New Socialist/European Democrat Party to participate in the Congressional process, is an extremely poor visual for that party.  The American people are sick and tired of the political infighting prevalent in both parties.  But the Dems apparently believe that the abandonment of domestic related ideas and compromise,  is working,  when the very opposite is the political reality.  To quantify the problem as a example,  I say this:  To settle for a 15% victory while suffering a 30% loss,  is hardly the road back to prominence.  
Understand that the Dems have lost more than a 1000 legislative seats,  nationally,  are the primary political power in only 1/3 of the 50 states,  and can't hold onto the Presidency any more than can the GOP.  In short,  they (the Dems) have a long long way to go.