The Freedom Caucus is fighting for its political life . . . . . and it is their fault

Understand this:  The Freedom Caucus is fighting for its political  life    . . . . .   and it is their fault.  Members complain that they were not included,  and that complaint is true   . . . . .   and they should have been.  

Having said that,  the Freedom Caucus has a reputation of being so fixed on their core agenda that they are unwilling to compromise that core,  to any degree,  as if such compromise will be "written in stone,"  and will never be amended in the future   . . . .   a point of view that is not in tune with political realities.  And that is why the Caucus will get the bulk of the blame for an Obama Care reform failure.   But,  negotiations are not over,  the bill is not dead (contrary to popular belief),  and the Freedom Cause can act like grown-ups.  Its all about the survival of the fittest.  Indeed,  the Caucus is at a crossroads.  It can prove itself to be a political force,  or it can take a hike.  

They should not forget their contribution in 2010 and 2014.  But they should also remember that the Trump (Non-Partisan) Train (conservatives living in the Rust Belt) put Donald in the White house.  THAT is his base,  and without it,  there is no future for any of us conservatives.

The Caucus has a right to participate,  but it (the Caucus) is not "why" Trump is in the White House.  

The Caucus can share in the victory,  but it cannot lay claim to making demands because the victory does not belong, solely,  to them  . . . .   Never forget,  the Freedom Caucus only represents 8% of the House membership.