Schumer: Instead of changing the rules, why doesn't the GOP change the candidate.

"Instead of changing the rules,  why doesn't the GOP change the candidate?"  So asks Schumer.  And in these words,  we have an embedded lie.  

The fact of the matter is this:  Never in the history of Supreme Court confirmations,  has the Senate invoked the filibuster.  It has always been there,  but never invoked.   Clarence Thomas,  the most controversial nominee in modern times,  was approved by a 52/48 margin.  He won his place on the High Court because no one invoked the filibuster.  

As it turns out,  it is Schumer who is changing the rules by threatening to use the filibuster.  If the GOP goes with the so-called "nuclear option,"  the GOP will only be returning the Senate [back] to its original process.  

Understand that if a filibuster is declared,  there will be two Senate votes;  the first to end the filibuster,  taking 60 Senators;  the second vote will be to approve the nominee,  and that takes 51 votes.