News Flash: Trump's first 100 days has been the busiest and most legislatively prolific period in presidential history.

1.  He has secured commitments from foreign and domestic companies leading to the addition of 300,000 new jobs.  Barack, with taxpayer money and his pay for play scheme we all know as the 2009 Stimulus Bill,  laid the foundation for the creation of 6,400 permanent jobs. 

2.  Barack began efforts to give control of the Internet,  to foreign powers,  countries having no regard for the health of the United States.  Trump began the process of taking back the Internet,  almost immediately,  after becoming President.  It was,  in fact,  his first major strategy-put-into-action. 

3.   President Trump took action to allow Vets outside medical attention when the V.A. could not or would help with their health issues.  Obama did absolutely nothing in this regard.  

4.  In addition to his 28 Executive Orders and Memo's  (a record number),  he has also signed into law,  28 pieces of legislation (another record),  dispelling the rumor that this congress was a "do nothing:" congress   . . . . .    in spite of the Democrat effort to make it so.