Fake News Story #178: Bannon made half a million and politico thinks this is news. What about Obama, the Clintons, Reid and Pelosi. Looks like somebody is angry that their cash cow is dead.

/ Politico:
Bannon earned more than half a million dollars from entities tied to GOP donors  —  Steve Bannon, a top adviser to President Donald Trump, earned more than half a million dollars last year from entities linked to a pair of major conservative donors, according to documents released 
Notes:  And multi-millionaire Pelosi never divested herself from her California vineyards;  the Obama's will make more than 40 million off book deals,  Hillary and Bill made 126 million off their pay for play Charity while she was Secretary of State, and,  Reid secured land deals in Nevada that made him a millionaire.  Bannon made a half million? Really?  Just half a mil?  So what.