Can the Feds withhold funds from Sanctuary Cities? Not now, but . . . .

Can the Feds withhold funds from Sanctuary Cities?  Not now. Understand that Obama's last budget does not expire until the last day of September.  Until then,  Sanctuary Cities receive funding from the Feds as if by an implicit contract.  The new "contracts" come out beginning October 1, 2017.  If language is in the budget statement,  making it clear that federal funding is conditional to include full compliance with federal law;  no compliance,  no funds,  then the Administration has a good chance of winning court challenges as it demands that our nation return to a "law and order" mentality.  

So we have to wait.   

Isn't it a pathetic state of affairs when we have to pass a law that demands that we obey our laws?  Dems do not believe that,  so we have to cram it down their throats   . . . .   and,  that is about to happen.  If you are a Dems,  all I can say is this: