Bill O'Reilly is on "vacation" as of tonight. Have we seen the end of this know it all. Next, Shepard Smith ?

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The "No Spin Zone,"  a description O'Reilly offers for his political commentary  (called "spin" anywhere else on the face of this green earth)  brings in 3.7 million viewers,  nightly,  along with huge advertising revenues.  

The harassment scandals have been going on for well over a decade,  and the admitted payouts for these [O'Reilly related] scandals is $13 million.  He and Roger Ailes might as well been running around the Fox studios naked    . . . . .  I doubt their legal problems would have been much worse than they are,  tonight.  Ailes and Fox was forced to pay $20 million to Gretchen Carlson,  in her single suit.  Standing in line behind Ms Carlson are Megyn Kelly,  Andrea Tantaros,  and Greta van Susteren. 

Since this story broke wide open,  less than two weeks ago,  the Factor has lost 60 of its advertisers, been forced to discount the price of its ad-buys,  and has been left with just 6 paying customers,  per show.  

With O'Reilly gone,  some mistakenly believe O'Reilly's time slot will lose the 3.7 million viewers it brings to the network,  each evening.  Not true.   This blog believes the time slot is worth 2.5 million viewers with any of several capable hosts at the helm.  Time will tell,  but O'Reilly's retirement  (should that happen) will not be the disaster folks on the Left wish.  Fox News will remain "Number One,"  and the nation will continue it move to the political Right.