We are watching the "normal" legislative season, not the stunning collapse of the Republican legislative agenda.

Wa/Post:   The stunning collapse of the Republican health-care bill now imperils the rest of President Trump’s ambitious congressional agenda, with few prospects for quick victory on tax reform, construction projects or a host of other issues in the months ahead despite complete GOP control of government.

NOTES:  So says the Wa/Post (and all other Left Wing minions in the media).  While there is some concern,  here,  the tone of the article is one of "panic."  I can't write "panic concern" because the Democrats are not concerned, at all.  They are gleeful,  almost giddy.  Keep in mind that the Left is now the party of European Socialism and United Nations Globalism,  when they write their opinions about the Patriotic Right.   

No one who is both objective and understanding of the legislative process, would call recent events a " . . . . .  stunning collapse of the Republican health-care bill."  For starters,  there is nothing  stunning about the legislative defeat   . . . .  about the temporary legislative defeat.   Defeat is always a possibility,  always.  I mean,  look at the passage of ObamaCare.  Talk about a "rookie mistake."  The Dems failed to pass their healthcare mess five   . . . .  count them "five times"  . .  . .   before the bill passed on with a 51 majority vote called the "nuclear option."  

Come on folks,  we are 70 days into the first 557 day legislative year,  for the GOP  (I stop counting with the last day of July, 2018 and the subsequent start of the mid-term campaign season).  In that same period of time, the Dems passed two huge stimulus bills, costing the taxpayers 1.7 billion dollars and accomplishing nothing, Obama Care signed March 23 of 2010  (it took then more than a year to pass that bill into law)  and the Dodd/Frank regulatory act that has destroyed our small banking industry  . . . . .   that's it.

We are watching the "normal" legislative season,  not the stunning collapse of the Republican legislative agenda.  Now,  in time,  the latter may be true,  but we have no way of knowing that until the end of July, 2018.