Want some good news beneath the Democrat rhetorical fog of partisan war?

President Donald Trump helped to raise nearly $30 million at a dinner for House Republicans' campaign arm — a record for the event — while pressing the case for GOP unity during a speech Tuesday.

Notes:  "The wheels have come off the Trump train!!"  "The GOP is hopelessly divided." "Trump is losing his own base."  

Sounds bad,  except for the fact that Trump just raised 30 million dollars for the reelection of House members.  It was a record.  And,  proves that the Base and its donors stand with President Trump.  

Lesson learned?  Dems,  give up.  Its not working and you are looking more and more like the fools you have become.

Update:  In addition to the 30 million raised by President Trump,  we have this story out of the Daily Caller: 
Democratic fundraisers were able to pull in $3.8 million during the month of February, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission. The DSCC had roughly $7.7 million in cash on hand at the end of the month.
The National Republican Senatorial Committee is in much better shape, financially. The group raised $5.1 million during the month of February, and ended the month with over $10.2 million. Democratic groups
 Again,  the question as to "who is winning the partisan wars," is answered clearly when it comes to raising money.