Total Fake News Story #177.

Michael Gerson / Washington Post: Trump's failing presidency has the GOP in a free fall  —  In the aftermath of the GOP health-care debacle came a revealing act of candor.  House Speaker Paul D. Ryan admitted that his party, which controls the House, Senate and White House, is not yet a “governing party” because it could not 

Additional notes:  "Free fall?"  And the Democrat Party is not in far worse shape? !!!    . . . .    and THAT is not the major headline, here?  

There is little reason to comment further on this "storyline."  Sadly,  the larger story,  that of the near extinction of the Democrat Party,  is a protected reality that the Democrat pundits within the corporate media want no one to know  . . . . .   so they do not report on it.  

Democrat leadership nearly hates Bernie Sanders.  Did you know that?  Hillary is definitely (at this point in time) running for the presidency in 2020.  Again,  were you aware that this is a "definite" fantasy of Hillary's?   The Democrats have not posted a single substantial point of policy since they lost the election;  Senate Democrats are not united in the opposition to Judge Gorsuch;  the Democrat party is as weak as it was 1865,  after that party lost the Civil war;  Trump won the popular voted outside of California;  the Dems have no clue as to how they lost the election;  Obama is standing in the shadows,  helping drive the Trump/Russian collusion  nonsense, and, is staying out of sight to avoid being dragged  into the debate;  the outing of General Flynn 's name by Obama personnel was/is a felony; it is beginning to appear obvious,  that Obama did surveil Trump   . . .   whether by "wiretap" or otherwise  (who really cares "how.").     And I could go on.  Virtually all of the points mentioned,  could be major headlines if treated with the same regard as the lesser GOP storyline "news" of the day.