Today, FBI Director Comey briefed House Intel Committee: "No broad conspiracy and collusion."

Today,  FBI Director Comey briefed the House Intelligence Committee, and, that briefing was as "comprehensive" as any such briefing in a dozen years. 

The Dems came out of that meeting quite angry.  They were told (by Comey) that current Intel investigations will take as long as two years.  More than this,  according to exclusive reporting by Catherine Heritage (Chief Intelligence Correspondent)  of Fox News, we have learned that Comey's briefing demonstrated that reported (by Democrats) claims of a broad conspiracy and collusion (with the Trump campaign)  were not true.  

Of course,  this Comey report will get lost immediately.  If you attend this blog,  the take away,  here, is this  -  there is little reason to be worried about the outcome of Intelligence investigations.  The fear tactic that is "The Russians are coming,  the Russians are coming," is nothing more than a subversive effort by the Dems to regain power and relevancy.  They are in the deep end of the pool,  and do not know how to swim.  Kind of fun watching this bunch clowns drown, when rescue is just inches away.