So, let's stop with these ridiculous comparisons.

This is a fairly  common statement,  from the hard Right:   "Establishment GOP are simply Democrat light."

My response: 

This line, "Establishment GOP are simply Democrat light." is sheer crap.  While GOP Establishment types are a pain,  there is a huge difference between them and the European Socialist "Establishment" of the Left.  For starters, one respects Constitutional process and the other does not.  One champions the Communist oriented Black Caucus and the other does not.  One supported Trumps election,  for the most part,  and the other does not accept any of us,  much less Trump, himself. 

Update:  Finally,  we don't have anyone in the GOP vaguely similar to a Bernie Sanders,  or Elizabeth Warren,  or Maxine Waters. So, again, I say, "Let's stop with all this divisive crap rhetoric."  Or don't,  and watch the Right splinter into its silly "principled" factions and surrender this last chance to make a difference.