Schumer once again proves just how silly he can be . . . . logically.

Here is how the Dems (as in "dem-wits") are going to deal with the Trump charges against Obama  . . . . . .   and those charges are going in their importance and veracity by the hour:  

Schumer:  If the Trump charges are not true,  the President will lose face as he is proven to be incompetent.  If true,  on the other hand,  this simply means that a warrant was issued based on actual evidence that something nefarious did occur  (on the part of Trump).  

Schumer apparently does not know that the issuance of a warrant is NOT proof of guilt or we would never have a trail when warrants are issued for the collection of evidence.  Does anyone think Schumer is that ignorant?  I don't.  So,  what is left?  Simple,  Schumer is pushing a false narrative (i.e. "a lie")  for the purpose of a cover-up.  

Understand the FBI and the CIA have agreed that their investigations have concluded there was no "conspiracy or collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian."  That is a matter of record.  

In fact, the warrant Schumer is talking about,  gave rise to a report given to the House Intelligence Committee on Jan 6 of this year,  a report that failed to connect Trump and his campaign to Russian intervention.  In other words,  the "evidence" used to get the warrant,  proved to be nothing more than a baseless suspicion." 

 Now you know the rest of the story.