Read this NY Times headling and tell what is wrong with the actual story, and do so without reading the story, itself? Can't do it? I can.

Summary:  The Times asks a question that is totally irrelevant considering the fact that the GOP health reform is less than one-third written.  

New York Times:
Before reading the story,  what is wrong with this NY Times headline?  "Can't be done without reading the article,"  you say?    Maybe you can't,  but I can.  Here is my conclusion.  

We do not know who the winners and losers are because this bill,  as of yesterday,  is less than 1/3 completed.  In other words,  this bill is not even close to being written as a final draft.  

Yet Neil Cavuto,  a favorite of mine at Fox News, along with virtually all other "reporters," are on record drawing conclusions and making wild claims for this bill when the rules and regulations (both past and present) have not been addressed or repealed, nor, hasve such things as "across state lines" been included (scheduled for Phase #3 along with the repeal of the Cadillac tax) )