Oooops, Pence kept official state business in his AOL account . . . . . like all past Indianna governors in the computer era.

AP  -  Pence used a private email account to conduct state business

Notes:  They are hoping you are so poorly informed that you might think our headline above describes the same digression as that of Hillary Clinton.  Not the same. 

Look,  among other considerations,  we know that Hillary was guilty because she acted guilty,  paying big money to have her server bleached,  deleting more than 33,000 emails, taking a hammer to some of her iPhones  . . . .  yes,  I said "a hammer,"   hiding her server in her home preventing access from those who might have oversight.  

In addition to this consideration,  understand that all previous Indiana Governors in the computer age,  did exactly what Mike Pence did.  Democrats are great at creating "false equivalencies."  
That is what this story is about,  a "false equivalency,"   and nothing more.