dems continue to fight a losing battle as they work to frame Jess Sessions and take down Trump.

Keep in mind that NBC has Trump's approval rating for his speech before a joint session of Congress at 76%  !!!  The Dems are losing the war and are looking more and more unhinged as the days pass.  

Talk about "unhinged,"  this Politico article is a perfect example of "unhinged."  

Politico:   Even if Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn't commit perjury during his confirmation hearing, Sessions could still be in other kinds of legal trouble for failing to tell his Senate colleagues that he met the Russian ambassador on two occasions during the heat of the presidential campaign.

Notes:  There was only one meeting.  The other was a passing handshake.  The actual meeting was witnessed by at least two Senate aids.  No doubt they will confirm Session's description of that meeting. 
"It is, at best, very misleading testimony," said Richard Painter, formerly the top ethics lawyer in President George W. Bush's White House. "I don't go so far as to say that it's perjury, but there is a lesser charge of failing to provide accurate information to Congress."

Notes:  On one sees a perjury in this matter,  including Richard Painter,  and mistaken information,  if honestly presented,  is not a matter that would disqualify anyone seeking confirmation.  

"A nominee at a confirmation hearing has an obligation to provide full and complete information to Congress," 

Notes: Yes, there is that obligation,  but an honest failure, here,  is not a criminal or disqualifying offense.