Obama believes that he is the man destiny has chosen to take this world into a Global Governance.

More than this bit of news,  Eric Holder is suggesting that now that Barack has made his $60 million book deal,  he is ready to move back into the world of rogue, subversive national politics.  Of course,  "rogue, subversive, national politics" are not his words,  but that is exactly what he and his wannabe Muslim friend have in mind.  

 Question:  Trump owns the bully pulpit and is courting the national blue collar unions in addition to the everyday blue collar worker.  If successful,  does anyone other than Holder and Obama think they can beat that alliance?  

Another question:  Is there no one in the Democrat Party that knows how to spell "delusional?"   

Question #3:  Does Barack actually think the blue collar population,  unionized and otherwise, share the same disdain for our flag and our Constitution?